Start monitoring your website in minutes with free website monitor. Receive instant alerts when your website is down

Global Monitoring Network
Global Monitoring Network
  • Monitor your site from multiple locations
  • 12 monitoring locations across 4 continents
  • Flexible monitoring location configuration
Website Monitoring
Website Monitoring
  • Monitor website downtime / slowness
  • Track website performance
  • Check webpage content
  • Check SSL secure certificate
  • Industry-leading monitoring interval
Server Monitoring
Server Monitoring
  • Monitor Smtp/Pop3/Imap email services
  • Monitor FTP file transfer service
  • Monitor network ping latency
  • Set up maintenance window
Instant Notifications
Instant Notifications
  • Be the first one to know server issues
  • Get notified with Phone Calls and SMS
  • Receive unlimited Free Email alerts
Monitoring Reports
Monitoring Reports
  • View summary report and monitor logs
  • Spot trends in website performance
  • Keep track of your website uptime
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